At GrowBeards, we pride ourselves on our honesty, morale and just being transparent with you guys. We aren’t wizards, we’re just trying to help guys improve their chances of growing dense and complete facial hair, whether it be light stubble or a full beard. We think you look great either way!


We get asked a lot about genetics and some statements get thrown around ‘you can’t change genetics’, ‘your genetics dictate your beard growth’ which are fair points. However, we don’t claim to change genetics. If your facial hair isn't think. The most common reason is the testosterone doesn’t convert into DHT (hormone) enough to have really dense facial hair. We can help this through 'The Replenishment Method' and blood circulation.


The GrowBeards way, also known as the recovery method yet that sounds scary and painful. The Replenishment Method involves creating micro punctures to the skin enough to slightly damage the follicle, hear us out, there’s a method to this. By doing this, you force the body to send more nutrients, collagen, amino acids, proteins, you name it, everything a follicle needs to grow great to that follicle. Inevitably improving your beard.