A Rapid Read on Growing More Facial Hair & Minoxidil beards

We're not going to sit here and tell you to adjust your diet like those other reads.

The most effective method we have discovered in the underworld of drastically changing facial hair growth is derma-rolling with Minoxidil, the FDA approved hair loss drug for your scalp. To note: there is side effects of Minoxidil. 

Derma rolling is the act of micro-needling the skin to injure follicles to encourage more nutrients and proteins using the recovery method. This is shown great improvement in stimulating facial hair follicles.

Now for Minoxidil, which should never be applied less than 24 hours after derma rolling or you can worsen side effects/chances of having them.

Minoxidil Beards, there is countless videos on YouTube and Reddit forums about how this. If you've never heard of it, I strongly encourage you to watch this insane transformation of a Beard Journey: 


Thanks for reading, I know it's a longer read than normal.